Some Words on Dharma

Perhaps you are familiar with the expression: "If you're going to talk the talk you'd better be prepared to walk the walk"?

Dharma is "walking the walk."

The walk you walk depends upon the note you have to sing. Each realized being is a unique note -- a part of a grand symphony. The note you contribute is uniquely yours -- coming to you through the process of evolution and unfoldment.

Even so, there is much in this cosmic song that we share -- in fact, the truest aspects have been essentially the same since the first shamanic caveman.

We say essentially the same because even though the essense may stay the same, available technology changes.

Before the first metal worker, there were no bells or singing bowls. Was there prayer before metal made the singing bowl possible? Of course there was. But oh, how cool it was when the advent of metal made the singing bowl possible.

It would be stone cold stupid to not use bells because they didn't exist at the time of the first shaman.

The heart of compassion has existed since the beginning. Now, we have more tools available for the expression of this yearning to liberate all beings everywhere.

Avail yourself of the Om Mani Padme Hum app, use the browser flash app when at your desktop, and turn your hard drive into a perpetual prayer wheel. All of this is available through the advent of 1's and 0's.