Hard Drive Prayer Wheel

Tradition tells us we can pray for the liberation of all beings everywhere through the intentional spinning of cylindars. These cylindars being specially prepared by having prayers etched upon their surface. OmMaNiPadMeHum is one such prayer.

Several sources in the esoteric community have verified that prayers etched onto a computer's harddrive convert these spinning wonders of technology into prayer wheels. This affording those of us living during this time period an opportunity unique in history. We can transmogrify our computers into prayer wheels spinning more than 7000 times a minute, a half million times an hour and over 10 million times a day. That's a lot of spinning and a lot of prayers. All of this you can do through any one of several means. Choose one or more methods from the list above.

Thank you on behalf of those who you will be helping.

In order to turn your hard drive into a prayer wheel you can: